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At Ushta Te, we value data security and confidentiality, and are committed to protecting the privacy and security of data exchanged with all our key stakeholders.

Ushta Te is an

ISO 27001:2013
certified Company

and maintains its security compliance standards at a global level, while following best industry practices Ushta Te follows good data privacy and security practices to ensure necessary processes and systems are in place, to protect data subject information, as applicable and required.

We are also an

ISO 20000:2018

currently working on developing our approach to quality and SLA-focused delivery, through the and follow best practices related to achieving a high level of quality in our services, with an SLA-focused and process-driven approach.

We are also generally


with an adequate set of systems and controls to ensure data subject privacy and security are safely managed at all times. Ushta Te has a well-defined and tested Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for both its office locations in Mumbai and Hyderabad.